It’s not the first time to talk about the rock phenomen Null Rays. The band was formed back in 2020 and has been rockin’ our world since then. Recently, they released their latest album “Midnight at High Noon,” today I will talk about a stunning single from their album, “Eyes Wide Open.” 

You simply will fall in love with the track from the first riff and beat! The crunchy destroyed guitar sound with vintage drumming style made me shiver for real. The mastermind behind Null Rays, Jason Carpentier, crafted the vocals and guitars perfectly. The track is very catchy and I love how its style is similar to many beloved rock icons including Faith No More, Silversun Pickups, Soundgarden, Dead Kennedys, Alice in Chains, Eagles of Death Metal, Monster Magnet, and Guns N’ Roses. The lead guitar was added in the right place by Todd Bianchino. The guitar licks and soloing was a huge add for the track indeed. By the way, I’d like to talk about how the song is very tight and has a good chemistry among musicians. In fact, this is something we lack these days in new bands. Although the track leans to the classic rock style, still, it’s very obvious that they are keen how it looks modern in the overall mix, in which I don’t know if it’s been done on purpose or not, but it’s an impressive output for sure. Jason was keen to add several elements  to the track to spice it up including Scott SanGiacomo on percussion/back vocals, Scott Kenyon on conga, and Sarah Kenyon and J. Michael Graham on back vocals. 

Finally, don’t go anywhere, I will talk soon about another hit from the same album called, “AlternaGirl.” Meanwhile, check out Null Rays‘ “Midnight at High Noon” album on BandCamp and feel the vintage vibes. Cheers!