Collaborating with top musicians John Kimock (drums), Andy Hess (bass), and Eden Ladin (keyboards), Ari Joshua dropped the single Eyes of the World on the 4th of July 2023. Recorded in a day at the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, and composed by the legendary Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, Eyes of the World will take you on a musical trip that’ll end with you putting it on repeat. Let me tell you more about it.

Our journey with Eyes of the World starts with a mellow flow that’s steered by warm soothing melodies. The harmony between the guitar tone and keyboards is extremely beautiful, setting up a dreamy setup that was pumped up by a moving groovy bassline. What instantly grabbed my attention about Eyes of the World is how it was written and arranged with extreme unity and fluidity, it smoothly moves forward softly as a stream of melodies that carries the listener slowly throughout its swaying dynamic shifts, while the guitars, keyboards, and bass each taking its time to shine, delivering some incredibly enjoyable solos and licks that kept things interesting and the listeners hooked.

Eyes of the World shows that Ari Joshua and his partners are such seasoned musicians and writers, that they managed to create an extremely enjoyable 8-minute song that felt like a 4-minute one using their musicianship and sense of melodies and flow, leaving no room for the listener to lose focus. Looking forward to more from Ari Joshua, keep on rocking. Cheers!