The death metal duo Requiem For Oblivion is back with their brutally unbelievable single “Eye of the Deceiver” released on the 22nd of July, 2022. While their previous work always focused on mental health, addiction, and the inner battles humans face, this one is a political scream in the face of governments and their representatives, let me tell you what it sounds like.

“Eye of the Deceiver” hits you with a face-melting, nasty, brutal intro with pounding drums, raw heavy guitars, and guttural deep vocals. After the intro, you’ll be hit by a slow slamming riff with melodic guitars that start slowly and keeps on progressing until they take over control then, it all turns into a tornado of fast riffs and blast beats engaging in a dark downwards spiral mood. It has a Killer pounding interlude that starts slowly around min 2:50 mark with a melodic slow line that explodes into killer machine gun riffing and a KILLER OUTRO with loads of OSDM vibes mixed with loads of darkness, It sounds like early Katatonia with the evilness of Morbid Angel and it sums up the whole song.

“Eye of the Deceiver” is a brutal and dark piece of art. Requiem for Oblivion managed to keep the balance between their heavy roots and their melodic influences with a changing dynamic structure mixing loads of melodies and raw brutal riffs. I loved it and kept me headbanging from the second I pushed play. Looking forward to the full-length, cheers guys!