Lexis Lane Photography

WOW! Are we having a pop-punk revival here?! Yeah! I believe so, that the anthemic pop-rock lead single ‘Explosion’ by Darrian Gerard, is the best pop-punk rock tune we got in 2022 so far! 

Usually, I avoid ranking songs and compare it with other legendary acts, however, let me tell you that I will give this track 10/10 and it’s the golden days of Avril Lavigne, remember those days?! The music video was a great fit indeed to deliver the message of the song, and I loved the filming so much. Everything is impressive, scenery, outfit, and decoration along with the music and her powerful singing style for sure. 

The multi-talented artist played, recorded and produced everything at her in-home basement studio. According to her press info, this young and talented artist is hailing from a small town in British Columbia, Canada, however, this small town is witnessing an up-and-coming legendary act. 

Well, it’s not only about the music and the video, but also, the strong message behind the lyrics; “This song is about not caring if people think you’re moody or ‘cold hearted’ for wanting to be yourself and do things that you want to do,” says Darrian. For years, I have been trying to achieve my goals and pursue my dreams, however, there are many people who are just doing one thing perfectly, which is giving you all the negativity on earth and dragging you all the way down! I really don’t know why they envy us, hate us, we just want to be on our own track and go for what we want to do. Darrian expressed this through her upbeat pop-punk guitar riffs and energetic lines, and I believe she also spoke out for everyone like me all over the world, in fact, I reached that point already.

“I’m cold hearted

Don’t distract me

From the end goal

I’ll start an explosion”

Thank you, Darrian!