Philadelphia, PA – The Stone Eye Release Their New Single “OOGIE-DEW”, along with their album, Fata Morgana (4/28). The Stone Eye have struck the match and lit the fuse for their new album Fata Morgana.

Having released two singles previously from their album (“Donora”, and “Not My Circus”), the third one spinning from their album is “Oogie-Dew”, a track in the list of sounds that identify themselves only as the marked workings of The Stone Eye.

The Stone Eye can be summed up but never boxed as a band that brings experimental to a rock of ebb-flow that transcends the universe of musical components. Jamming somewhere between Stoner and Psychedelic rock like no other. The Stone Eye is undeniably their own breed and brand of music.

In addition to their new album, catch The Stone Eyeout on tour with Smile Empty Soul beginning in May (see dates below), and purchase their album Fata Morgana – HERE.


“It’s about time! We have arrived at our final destination after over a year and a half of hard work. We are very excited to share our latest creations, the “Oogie-Dew” video and Fata Morgana album, with the world. We feel as though Fata Morgana, along with the aforementioned single, is our finest work to date and really showcases the progression of the band from a musical standpoint. Throughout the record, you will find a multitude of genres being navigated through as we all tried to create a record that showcased our love for music as a whole, and not just love for one specific genre of music. As a result, we feel as though the album is dripping with personality and will be a very engaging listening experience for whomever our audience may include.

From us to you, enjoy!” – Stephen Burdick


Video directed by: Christian Mechem.

Video recorded by: Alex Wagoner

Music recorded by: Mike Pacca & Stephen Burdick

Music mixed by: Stephen Burdick

Music mastered by: Paul Logus


Recorded by: Stephen Burdick, Mike Pacca (Tracks 3,5,6,10) Michael Kerchner

(Tracks 1,2,4,7-9, 11)

Mixed by: Stephen Burdick

Mastered by: Paul Logus (PDX Mastering)

Produced by: The Stone Eye

Artwork by: Derek Setzer, Stephen Burdick

Lyrics by: Stephen Burdick

Music by: The Stone Eye


Press via Song River