After days of working, writing and editing, we finally are giving you the ultimate surprise. Middle Eastern Metalheads, meet the Great Greeks SepticFlesh. SepticFlesh are one of the leading Symphonic Death Metal bands in the world; their music is almost a favorite to Death Metal fans around the world. They managed to create their unique exceptional style and performance. This year, SepticFlesh are conquering the international Metal scene with a tour in Latin America with Fleshgod Apocalypse as well as their long-awaited album Codex Omega which was released just a few days back. Without further ado, let’s read more about what they got to say:

Firstly, thank you for having this interview with us. Through your career, mixing the mythology with Metal music and having this style in clothes, performance and album arts, how did you come up to create this final look?

– It’s something that was developed naturally. We just experimented with subjects that always inspired us and interested us, and we did that in all aspects of our art. We continued to do so for many years. Also, as our music is highly “theatrical” to some point, we decided to develop a more theatrical look fitting to the atmosphere that we create and so that’s we reached to today.

Regarding your latest album Codex Omega, your fans are expecting a specific level of musical composition after Communion, The Great Mass, and Titan – Review here. In addition of following your progress in composition, how was the process of composing the new album? Does it get harder to compose music after a number of successful albums?
– Fortunately, all members of the band are composing songs and so there are always many interesting ideas to work with. We try to set the bar of compositions higher with each release we make, and so our audience has high expectations too. But we find the process of surpassing ourselves exciting and we gladly take the challenge. We are not afraid to work really hard to reach to the desired result.

What are the themes of your album?
– The main song ‘3rd Testament’ in Codex Omega is about the 3rd – and final bible- with the specific given name indicating finality as omega is the final letter in Greek language. It is a highly sarcastic song where the Christian symbolism is turned upside down. The song ‘Martyr’ is about Hypatia; an ancient mathematician, philosopher and astronomer murdered from a Christian crowd by orders of Cyril, the Bishop of Alexandria. Interestingly, he was later declared a saint by the church. ‘Faceless queen’ is about the chaotic nature of cosmos personified in the dragons Tiamat. And so on… There is a wide variety of themes on Codex Omega.

Moving from the impressive Greek Myths to one of the leading Literary and mythical works “The Divine Comedy” by Dante, why did you specifically choose this one?
– When Seth sent me this composition to work with, I immediately felt that a really grim and dark subject was needed for the lyrics of this song to fit with the mood of the music. And the Divine Comedy came to my mind. Dante created one of the most iconic depictions of Hell and I found the opportunity to insert a glimpse of it on our album.

Currently, you are working on a new music video; the location of the music video is somehow shocking. What’s the idea of this upcoming music video?
*Actually, we are working on 2 new music videos; one for the song ‘Portrait of a headless man’ and one for ‘Martyr’. The location was simply amazing. When I arrived, my jaw dropped… I haven’t seen the final result, as some work has to be done from the director to connect the various footage that was shot altogether. But hopefully we will have something ready soon, just in time for the release of Codex Omega.

You recently performed in Chania Rock Festival in Greece. Did you feel any difference between performing in your homeland and performing in different countries? In addition, this year, you have a tour in Latin America, how did the idea come to your mind and why did you choose Latin America?
– There is a wide fan base in Latin America, so we have arranged 19 shows covering a lot of locations such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The reaction of the crowd is amazing inside and outside Greece so there is no noticeable difference.

This year, we see SepticFlesh very active, new album, new music video and you will headline Festival in Poland and France and you already performed in Russia. How do you organize your time?
– The live shows are arranged many months before their actual dates. So, there is plenty of time to organize things properly. But of course, as the popularity of SepticFlesh is rising, there are more and more proposals for live shows, and therefore the tour schedule becomes more and more extended.

Any future plans in performing in the Middle East, especially that you guys have a huge fanbase?
– Indeed, there are a lot of Metal-heads there that are supporting our music. For the time being there is not something arranged, but if we find the right opportunity we would like to do it.

Greece always introduced a big number of leading and affective Metal bands, how do you see the Hellenic Metal scene now?
– Healthy and strong. There are many new good bands, such as W.E.B., Scar of the Sun, Dead Congregation, Hail Spirit Noir, Vermingod, Katavasia, Enshadowed, Diviner… etc.

Which of them are your favorite Greek metal bands?
Necromantia, Rotting Christ, and Varatrhon.

Do you follow any Middle Eastern bands, in particular Egyptian ones such as Scarab, Crescent, Odious?
-Yes, I am aware of the bands you mentioned and they sound very promising. I wish them the best!

Odious cooperated with SepticFlesh in Skin Age recording

Your music is all over the Middle Eastern and Arab countries. How do you feel that your music reached this far?
-Well, I am amazed. It is simply great. Music has no boundaries.

It has been a pleasure for us interviewing you and to have you guys communicate with the fans in the Arab World. Would you please send a message for them?
– Thank you very much for your strong support. Follow your dreams, brothers and sisters.

Thank you for giving us this fruitful interview.

Make sure to check SepticFlesh’s Codex Omega. Order here.

Interview by: Rana Atef and NJ Bakr.
Edited by: Nehal A. Ali.

  • Septicflesh released ‘Portrait of a Headless Man’ on the 1st of September, before the interview.
  • This exclusive interview have been made before Codex Omega release.