For years, and MEDIC has been in a special place in my heart. I’ve been always amazed by their originality, creativity, and musical output characteristics. I had the chance to know more about their latest single ‘Wabi Sabi‘ among other issues while chatting with one of my favourite Egyptian musicians, Ehab Khaled Fawzi. Let’s find out!

● First, I’d like to salute you guys for such original rock/metal vibes. Well, progressive style wasn’t common in our music scene back in 2005, was it planned from day one to perform such a style?

It wasn’t the plan really 15 years ago, but it made sense after a few years due to the exposure and affection to the genre and how diverse it could be.

● I noticed you are keen to classify your band as a rock/metal band, unlike other acts as they chose a specific path. What is the story behind this?

The variable music outcome is what defined the genre, we can not be classified into the realm of metal or rock solely, we love both and we play both, sometimes in the same track.


● Although you have a very strong musicianship, it took 13 years to release your debut album, Ascension. May I know why?

It was a long learning curve, 13 years is a very long time and there’s really no excuse, we hope it was worth the wait though, but we’re not waiting this long again, 2nd album is already out, 2 years after Ascension.


● It’s always like your music follows a specific concept or tells a story. Is this planned during the songwriting process?

Yes indeed, we love to tell stories, and express it through music, lyrics and visuals.

● ‘Wabi Sabi’ is your first official music video, which is an epic one indeed. Would you consider releasing more videos often?

Thank you and Yes, every track on the new album “Niflheim” will be released in video form.

● The video credits mentioned many collaborations. Can you tell me more about their roles?

We’re lucky to collaborate with such talented artists, whether for artwork or videography, we have Ramy Hamdy the director of Wabi Sabi video, Omar Kamel Assistant Director. As for the artwork we had Akram Adel who designed Wabi Sabi’s Artwork, and previously Mohamed Osama on Jabermount, and Adel Gamal on Ascension, such fascinating artists. We also collaborated with Lilypad which is the location that embraced the Wabi Sabi music video.

● You’re one of the few Egyptian bands that are keen on your digital existence in a neat form. What’s your advice for young artists to consider publicity as an important role in their project?

Study music business, always keep an eye on the new tools provided by every platform, make sure you’re out there and representing your act by how you want to portray it.

● Nowadays, many bands try to go to more trendy pop either with music or topics, do you think this may affect other bands who still prefer the original vintage tone?

Pop is a very nice genre, it sticks, and if this is what they want to do then definitely they should, but if it’s a seek for exposure, I do not recommend it, you have to stay sincere with your form of art, sometimes it is good to add a 20% commercial taste of your mix to make it appeal to a wider audience, but if it goes out of hand, it won’t be the real you.

● In your opinion, how has the Egyptian rock/metal scene evolved through the past 16 years? Also, do you think it’s making any progress?
Ups and downs, many ups and a few downs, a scene is a co-relation between bands, fans, organizers and venue owners, every element should do their jobs to sustain and improve the scene.

● Finally, thanks for the chat and tell your fans more about your promotional plans in 2022.

We’re looking forward to keep on releasing Niflheim in the form of singles, the next one won’t take long, definitely not 13 years haha. Thank you for your questions and thank you very much for having us.