This photo was taken by Jeremy Hall and Scott jarvie. Violins can be fun

You’ve most probably heard her music through the radio or iTunes, seen her dancing around YouTube with her violin in her unique styled outfits and dance moves. Her music can take you to different places even those beyond our imagination of magic and wonder. She is the one and only: Lindsey Stirling!

Growing up in a “Classical Music” loving family, she has learned to play the violin to create her own music someday, which eventually she has! She’s become a worldwide sensation and has recently won an Echo Award in Germany. To know more about her, checkout our interview below:

You’ve been playing since you were very young, but what inspired you to play the violin?
When I was young my father loved music, especially classical music, and so I grew up to these masterpieces being blasted on our old record player. My sisters and I would run around the couch and dance to Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances and Rinmsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade – my favorites! – Our family also attended free orchestra concerts at the park. I grew to appreciate orchestra music and noticed early-on that the strings—particularly the violins—were featured the most. I liked being the center of attention haha, so I was naturally drawn to the violin and at age six started begging my parents for lessons.

If you had the choice to play another instrument, what would it be? And why?
I actually played piccolo flute for one year in Junior High School because I thought it would be awesome to play in band too. But ultimately I gave it up because it was difficult to give ample time and attention to both.

You’ve done so many covers, some with different artists, and traveled to some amazing places. Which is your favorite by far?
It’s hard to pick just one, but I have a special place in my heart for “My Immortal.” I have always loved Evanescence and this particular song is incredibly heart-wrenching and emotional. The greatest music, I believe, comes from deep within us as we work to overcome greatest trials and greatest pain. I played “My Immortal” all over the world on my last tour.

When creating your own music, what type art inspires you?
I take inspiration from everything: my past, my joys, my fears, the things that I’m dealing with on a daily basis, the people I love. Once I start writing, I like to work with a producer on the backtrack first, and then the “creative juices” start to flow.

Competing on “America’s Got Talent” and “Dance Showdown” must have been big breaks for you… Could you tell us about your experiences?
I’m very grateful for my experience with AGT; I learned so much, it gave me a taste for what real performing was like, and I desperately wanted more of it. I was hoping and expecting producers and agents and managers to be contacting me after the show, but honestly, my career fell flat after that. No one was really interested. No one cared. I created three singles and put them up on iTunes, but sales were minimal at best. It wasn’t until I was contacted by Devin Graham and he helped me start my own YouTube channel that my career started taking off.

Are you planning on joining any other competitions soon? 

Nah I think I’m done with talent shows, haha. If people want to come see me perform they know where to find me

First time on Stage, how did it feel?
Honestly, it was the most exhilarating, amazing, euphoric feeling I’d ever experienced. Performing became almost an addiction for me; I couldn’t wait to get on stage again.


In the YouTube Music awards 2013, your cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” with Pentatonix won you “The Best Response of The Year”, what was it like being on that stage receiving your awards?

I was so excited! I felt honored to be there participating in the first-ever YouTube awards; history in the making!

In your music videos, it shows that not only do you enjoy playing your violin but also dancing (mixing hip hop with ballet). Do you create your own dance routines?
For the most part; I have choreographed the majority of my music videos, but I’m not a trained dancer and I recently I have felt like I needed some fresh new material. After participating in my partner, Anze Skrube, helped me hire professional backup dancers and choreographed “Stars Align”.  I also had help choreographing “Transcendence

I believe that each person has their own style in both music and clothes that reflects who they are, tell us about yours.

I’ve always “walked to the beat of my own drum,” as my mother always used to say. It didn’t matter that none of the other kids at school didn’t wear gloves or that the other children at church didn’t wear hats, I liked them, so I wore them, and I was proud of it. Being Mormon, it was a challenge to find cute clothes that were also modest, and so I had to be creative. I’ve always been that way. I’ve always had my own style.

You have a new album coming up “Shatter Me.” Could you tell us about it and why this title?
This album is all about self-discovery and breaking free from the constraints and barriers that we put on ourselves, and the restrictions that world puts on us. I’m super excited to release the music video “Shatter Me” because it epitomizes this concept and shows how difficult it is to break out of old habits and have the courage to step out of our comfort zones into the light.

It seems you enjoy the world of mystery, fantasy and adventure. So, if you could have your music featured in any movie or TV series, which would it be?
Hmmmm let me think…I think having my music in a movie would be pretty rad. Maybe a Disney animated movie or adventure-themed film.

Where would you like to tour?
I LOVE touring, and I have had the opportunity to visit cities all over the world. It has literally been a dream come true. Several places I would like to visit but have not yet had the opportunity include South America, Spain, Turkey, and Greece.

Any artists you want to collaborate with?
I would love to collab with Ellie Goulding, Amy Lee, Zed, David Guetta, and Hayley Williams.

A word to the fans.
I owe EVERYTHING to my fans. Without you I couldn’t be performing, touring the world, or creating new music. I honestly don’t know how to express how much my fans mean to me. Maybe I’m biased, but I have the sweetest, most loyal, genuine fans on earth. Thank you for being there, for watching my videos, buying my music, and making my dreams a reality.

All photos reserved to: Devin Graham and Dimitrios Kambouris.

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