Once I have seen Shame on You by Torch the Hive and I loved these dudes’ rockin’ vibes so much and how they reacted towards Donald Trump’s presidency. Today, I am very pleased really by receiving their latest single Evil Men, and I dare you to find such original rock sound anywhere else… at least in 2021 so far!

The year 2017 witnessed the formation of these talented dudes and mainly their lyrics taking a political direction but in a unique perspective, or this is how I see it. Musically, Evil Men has very original ’70s rock vibes using simple riffs, drumming, and singing style, and believe me, such factors are capable to amaze you. Frankly, I loved the bridge of the track and it looks like a turning point of the track by delivering like a modern fast rapping/rock singing style. I believe the track demonstrated the most important topics by illustrating the case of Jeffrey Epstein and how people use their wealth and authority just for their own favor with no care about others “I wrote ‘Evil Men’ after seeing what men are capable of during the trial of Jeffrey Epstein. People who are in power that utilize their wealth and influence to traffic and manipulate children are the scum of the earth. It’s a song with biting lyrical undertones masked behind a laid-back, casual melody – something we don’t normally do in the type of music we normally play. I wanted the song to have a “yacht rock” kind of vibe to accentuate the feeling of being upper class.” – Mike Fruel

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