Christopher Taylor’s music is like a breath of fresh, comforting air in how familiar, melodic, laid back, and heartily written and performed it is. But a little introduction is due first. 

Christopher Taylor is a consummate professional. A working musician from Harrogate, he’s currently a singer/songwriter whose sound has a massive list of imposing inspirations, none of them sound beyond comparison with Taylor’s music. He started by singing and playing the guitar in his teens, then he proceeded to cut his teeth playing bass and singing for a number of local bands, before settling with a band playing the club and disco circuits all over the United Kingdom and beyond. He remained within those busy, working circles well into his 30s, to which we can attribute his effortless, and effortlessly melodic and sweet songwriting style. A true professional.

His laid-back, silky smooth sound is perhaps his most defining trademark, while his heavy metal and glam rock upbringing is always there providing his music with drama and spectacle. Everything To Me goes along the same vein as The Lumineers and James Blunt’s finest offerings. A tight, musical, warm, and accessible sound that’s rich with a warmly mixed acoustic guitar alongside a sparkling clean electric one. A steady beat, and a simplistic groove on the bass make the bulk of the solid, driving rhythm. The lyrics are intimate and sweet, and Chris’s delivery is silky and easy on the ears.

Everything To Me is a simple, driving, steady tune with smart words with ample depth to them, an approachable composition that’s pleasant, and a plethora of professionally recorded and produced instrument lines, and a vocal line that’s rich with heart and soul, and the final result is just chill.