Hannah Hall

Rich nostalgia waves in The Thing With The Feathers’ latest single, “Everything I’m Missing.” The Nashville-based indie band has made another atmospheric gem with their blended signature sound and passionate performance.

David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar), and Chris Roussell (drums) make up The Thing With Feathers, and they craft pieces that make the listener soar high with their infectious arrangements. I learned about the band when I reviewed their single, “Don’t Break My Heart,” last year, and clearly, they’re unforgettable!

“Everything I’m Missing” is their latest proof why they should be one of your favorite indie bands. The catchy melody, the smooth, intense instrumentation, the melodic vocal line, the relatable lyricism, and the tight production are all there to make an addictive piece that will make you throw your own room concert until you can attend one by the band and sing along until your vocal cords melt.

The intro sets the mood with strumming guitar strings and gentle drumming. The emotive vocals join soon enough, adding an extra warmth to the ambiance. David Welcsh has such a velvety, capturing voice that would make an advertisement jingle about cheese poignant! Throughout the song, the guitar riffs and drumline become more spicier and tenser, with the 90s rock vibe and punk hint creating an irresistible, engaging atmosphere. 

The song has vitality throughout all of its components, but it also has a melancholy feel. The nostalgia isn’t just conveyed by the song’s solid sonic bliss; it also comes through in the lyrics, which evoke the listener’s own experience.

Once again, The Thing with Feathers creates a song that appeals to both those who prefer a mellow execution and those who prefer dynamic ones. You’ll be missing something splendid if you don’t give “Everything I’m Missing” a listen.