With “Everything Happens for a Reason” being Greg Bannis’s first written song as a solo artist, it checks the box of every song’s qualities. Get ready for a huge energy boost with ardent vocals and bombastic Caribbean beats.

Greg Bannis, a Dominican singer who started with Calypso music, found international fame as the lead singer of the band “Hot Chocolate” for 18 years. After the band’s breakup, he continued to perform as a solo artist and collaborate with other musicians, and now he’s embarking on his own journey, releasing the single “Everything Happens for a Reason.”

From start to finish, each element of this song will entice you to let loose, leave all worries behind, and dance. “There are things we can’t control,” says the lyric, and one of these things is being seamlessly elevated to cloud nine.

The witty Bannis has such a characteristic voice! His vocal delivery offers the song’s vibe and message effortlessly, and his playful and vibrant performance charms one to believe the message he’s lightly delivering. 

Imagine being sad over anything that happened in your life, playing this atmospheric track, and not just getting an energetic dose; rather, you get comforted. The well-written lyrics are relatable and heartfelt and carry the humorous spirit of the number. The sound that mashes Caribbean, rock, and electronic flairs feels like a sonic hug that compels you to move and smile, reminding you that even in tough times, there’s a reason to celebrate life’s absurdity.

So, are you ready to join Greg Bannis’s joyous journey? Hit the play button!