Pierre Quinton

The latest track from Americana outfit TruckerBomb is entitled “Everything”, and it does indeed have everything as its title reads. Rock N Roll and Rockabilly elements are mixed seamlessly with an Americana and Country backdrop in a way that’s both magical and powerful. This track blends the emotional delivery of well-supported and extended chest notes by the male vocals and backing them up are the wonderful airy female vocals of Ursula Lari, who also plays guitar. Speaking of guitars, they sound huge and empowering. The bass guitar in particular can be heard prominently within the mix, and the drum fills during the verses and chorus hit you just at the right moment.

The chorus, on the other hand, has the two voices singing higher notes, the guitar doing an awesome refrain, and the bass line getting even groovier. The synths/keys in the background are what make this ring a bell with Americana so much, as well as the way the vocals are produced. With a vocal line like this one, the track is bound to stay stuck inside your head for days on end. These guys managed to make a track that’s simultaneously Rock, Americana, and “Everything” that fans of those genres look for in an awesome song that is coherent and super well-written.