Preparing for the release of his upcoming sci-fi rock opera The Vibe Operator, the NY-based artist mike by name dropped his 4th single Every Soul is a Good Soul on the 11th of August 2023. Based on focusing on having so much in common rather than our differences to save ourselves and our planet, Every Soul is a Good Soul is a song that’ll leave you waiting more, let me tell you about it.

mike by name’s mellow floating beats and melodies will start growing on you with its catchy groove and flow right from Every Soul is a Good Soul’s intro. It is obvious that mike by name has a unique writing style, the way he built those beats and how they smoothly progressed with layers being added subtly as it moves forward, keeping things organically changing and getting more interesting. mike by name’s influences appear clearly in this song’s guitar work, it has some groovy chill riffs and bluesy amazing licks that were perfectly timed within his flowing structure creating a unique mix with the deep bass and modern electronic beats that reflect mike by name’s character and solid writing skills.

Every Soul is a Good Soul shows mike by name’s well-knowledge of his sound and direction alongside his good sense of flow and melody, he managed to sustain the song’s mood and sound while carefully and cleverly steering it to keep things always fresh and progressing using good production and top-notch arrangements and layering which shows how much of a seasoned artist he is. I will definitely be looking forward to more, keep on rocking. Cheers!