Russian-Canadian rock ‘n’ roll artist “Paul Cafcae” aims to shatter all the typos of the traditional Christmas songs that tell people it won’t be Christmas without a companion, such as saying: “Christmas won’t be the same without you, I’ll have a blue Christmas without you,” “All I want for Christmas is you”, and so on. Many songs suggest that you can’t have the perfect Christmas if you were alone. Paul boldly and proudly proclaims his own unique Christmas spirit and style of celebrating: “Every day is Christmas day since you’re not with me. I don’t need to hang my socks, and I don’t need no tree.” To establish that a person may be alone on Christmas and still have a good time and enjoy the holidays. Why don’t we turn the heat down on this pressure cooker and let go of all the societal norm of needing to celebrate in a special way, surrounded by strangers caroling, family members who don’t typically assemble, and a lover so you won’t be the only celibate?

It makes no difference if the single’s concept is different; it’s still a Christmas song. It clearly has that Christmas-y, cheerful rhythm. The joyful chords of the guitar, including rockabilly oldies and an exceptional solo guitar in the middle, the skilled drum groove, it all culminates in you standing alone beneath a huge Christmas tree, enjoying the melodies.

I believe there are folks out there who need that song to be their Christmas anthem, so they can cherish the holiday for what it is, and enjoy it without feeling rushed. sigh of relief and listen to “Every day is Christmas” and believe it in your heart. 

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Viola Karmy