Olly E is an English solo artist from Leicester, United Kingdom who since the age of 12 started his musical journey and throughout the years he studied music and formed bands until he decided to become a solo act playing bass, drums, guitar, and vocals. He released his latest alternative metal single “Everlasting” on the 28th of October 2022 with an official music video showcasing Olly singing and playing guitar, bass, and drums.

The song is an energetic banger starting out in the intro with a melodic catchy piano line backed by heavy guitar chords, bass, and drums. The verses adopt a lighter atmosphere with a lead guitar riff, a groovy bass line and drums backing the vocals giving room for the lyrics to be heard. The song is about how everyone is turning a blind eye to how our world is being damaged in lines such as “we can run but can’t escape, we’re accountable for watching the world burn down” and “we think we’re in control, indestructible but couldn’t be further from truth”. In the chorus, we revisit the energetic intro section with powerful doubled vocals asking the listener to “Take it all away tell me how can we be free” and “Take me far away let me dream for one more day”. After the second chorus comes a bridge that encourages the listener to take action by singing “we need to change this way of life; create a future shining bright”, then a shredding fast solo takes light right after the bridge before the outro chorus. The song is definitely powerful and encouraging with a message that can help the world be a better place.