Auckland, New Zealand-based rockers Evening is Youth are about the release their debut self-titled EP on the 1st of July, 2022 via Bigpop Records. It’s an energetic EP with diverse moods and sounds that promises a lot from Evening is Youth.

The EP opens with the colorful “I’m Glad I Left” which was released as a single. It is mostly upbeat and filled with energy which makes it a perfect candidate for an opener. Its catchy chorus will stay for a while with their fans and I believe it’ll be fun when played live. Evening is Youth tunes things down with “Here with You”, it’s a dreamy mellow ballad with a mesmerizing vocal melody and chilling beats. Picking up the energy again comes “Did You Find Your Brain” with a groovy bright intro, a fluid chorus, and a heavily melodic and entertaining chorus. This distorted violin at the intro of “Around You” blew my mind and I loved how the guitar picked up the melody. I guess “Around You” can easily be my favorite off the EP with its -kind off- oriental melodies vibes and its mellow mood. I liked the guitar work and the arrangement of the electronic beats and guitars. “I Wish You” promises a lot of sound exploration by Evening is Youth, it is a well-written and well-organized piece with big sound. It has more layers and progressions than the rest of the EP and heavier sound with a dynamic structure.

“Evening is Youth” is a promising debut by Evening is Youth, it shows the diverse sound and energy they offer and what’s more important is that they can write good songs. It’s a fresh-sounding EP that you’ll have a good time listening to and I believe it’ll be appealing to a wide range of audiences I suggest you give it a shot, cheers!


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