Steve Pointmeier’s latest song is a soulful, lush gem of Americana music that’s bound to put a big smile on your face.

The Calgary-based Canadian is a seasoned Country musician whose sound is characterful and full-on Americana. Lush, expansive, sweet, and introspective, Even in a Bar features wordplay as soon as the title. A tragic story about a woman that got cheated on, so she headed to a local bar to get “even”, the song’s lyrics are well put together with a significant touch of humor, and the words are amplified by the rich musical atmosphere. Numerous sweet guitars hammer away, with trademark Telecaster twangs, wailing lap steels, and jangly rhythm strums. The drums are simplistic and solid, a perfect backbone. The arrangement in general is incredibly simple and accessible, and the production is colorful, and each instrument shares a fair spot in the spotlight.

Even in a Bar is so simple, it will bore you if you don’t know what you’re in for. But if you’re a lover of Americana, then this is a sweet-sounding, tongue-in-cheek song with amazing production, witty lyrics, and soulful singing. Either way, take a listen and decide for yourself. I promise you there’s more in it than meets the eyes (or ears).