Bring Me to Life and What Have You Done

“What Have You Done” from the 2007 album The Heart of Everything has a symphonic intro and a quite simple verse. In this song it is mostly about drums and vocals with the chorus. Sharon sings amazingly well with Keith Caputo in this one, with deep and meaningful lyrics. Likewise, in “Bring me to Life” from the album Fallen, Amy Lee sings with the guest male artist Paul McCoy, which gives passion and harmony in this Gothic Metal track. Although both songs have different riffs and melodies, they both have the same goth-moody and pacing vibe. They both are vocally driven songs drawing their power from both Amy Lee and Sharon. The iconic “Bring Me to Life” is a passionate and melodic track, as well as “What Have You Done”.


Frozen and Lithium

The orchestration on Within Temptation‘s album The Heart of Everything is fabulous and gives some magic to the music of the band. “Frozen” is one of the most beautiful songs on this album. Sharon‘s voice is deep as always and reflects the suffering and the powerless feeling on this track.
As for Evanescence’s “Lithium” from their album The Open Door, it gives you the emotional numbness vibe. In my opinion, it strikes deep at one’s heart. “Lithium” is about how a person can be conflicted in choosing between possible happiness and the comfort of sorrow. “Lithium” is a metaphor for the vocalist’s attempt to find happiness in the few good instances in relationships and situations full of sadness and chaos.

Caged and Snow-white Queen

Mother Earth is considered one of the most successful albums for Within Temptation. Although after it was released, their fans were surprised that the band changed the style of their music, the album itself was one of the best albums that year. “Caged” is one of the most powerful and emotional songs on this album. It portrays the betrayal and how someone can horribly use someone and then make them tied down to their own conflicted emotions. Similarly, in “Snow-White Queen” from Evanescence’s album Fallen, you can see how Amy Lee could amazingly take a truly terrifying and frightening ordeal and turn it into such beauty musically and lyrically. So both songs are deep and meaningful.

Memories and Even in Death

The Silent Force definitely shows the potential that Within Temptation has on all levels. “Memories” is one of the amazing ballads on this album that showcases Sharon‘s amazing vocal range and ability. In this song, it shows how painful it can be to be apart from someone you love, who is gone yet still lives in your memory. Just like “Even in Death” by Evanescence from the album Origin, both songs reflect how memories can haunt someone. They both reveal their goth side beautifully through the music and lyrics.


Written by: May Sharaf

Edited by: Shereen G.


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