Gergely finds inspiration to create music from great artists like Nirvana, Oasis and Bryan Adams. So when playing this album you know is one for all the fans of the classic, old 90’s underground rock club scene.

‘All I Need’ is a very energizing intro song to the album, that leans more towards the Rock side of Kalapis’ music. Kicking off with a solid duo of first drums and then electric guitar, and then winding down to let the vocals in. This song is all you need to substitute your morning coffee.

Following along the same line we also have ‘In The Heat Of The Night’, and for people who like a strong, deep bass there is ‘You Don’t Know’.

Kalapis has also added some other elements to ‘Eternal Allies’ featuring smoky blues as well as reggaeton beats, that added to the core sounds of the guitars, resemble an easily digestible and relatable material.

As beautiful as the title ‘Ice Cold Pearl’ is all about the scratchy, where-Blues-meets-Rock twist Gergely adds to this album. Slower tempo, guitars slowly bouncing between the lines of the vocals, lyrics all melancholic and talking about the most emotionally relatable feeling: heartbreak.

‘Going Under’, ‘Friday Night Fever’ and the song that gives name to the album ‘Eternal Allies’, add diversity in the sound dynamics of the classic Rock, with a lighter and more towards the Pop genre, that would easily have anyone dancing all around.

The album was just released on March 12, by the UK-based solo artist, one-man band and music producer.
In the beginning, it may sound like hard to believe that one man can add all the elements this album has to offer, but once you listen to every song, and you hear the whole collection as one, you’ll notice the hard work and union between each tune. 


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Mercedes Thomas