Esotherisst is a six-member polish progressive metal band, founded in 2014 by guitarist Adrian Wilkoński, together with Flumen ‘Asgaard’ – synth.
The band has released two promo songs, titled ‘You Have Never’ and ‘How to Fly’.

The first track You Have Never starts with a heavy riff and then goes up and down with the rhythm.The best thing about this track is the guitar – which are really cool from the riffs to the solos.Drums are so professional and vocals are strong but it’s not loud as the music, which floats over the vocals.
The only thing that I didn’t like about this track is that the band have repeated the chorus so many times that frankly, it makes you get bored of the song. I think that if they wanted to lengthen the duration of the track they could play a solo that lasts 45 seconds. Instead of repeating the chorus more times than it deserves.

However, ‘You Have Never’ is a brilliant start for a new band in the field.

Esotherisst’s second release was How To Fly – another promo track.

This track is way better than the first, and catches your ears the moment you play it. When I first heard the intro, it made me feel like the horror movie Saw was about to start.

The way of singing the words is beautiful; it gets stuck in your heart! Also the keyboard’s solo throws you back in time. This track is deeper lyrically, and also in the solos and drums and vocals.

I felt Krzysztof Bigaj had more freedom or space given to show off his skills in ‘How To Fly’.
The only thing I didn’t like about the band is that their keyboard’s solos in the two tracks are of similar tune; also riffs are related.

But I liked how Esotherisst played with the rhythm of the two songs, then slowed things down one second and burnt it all up the second after, and it was all acceptable it seemed compatible.

I’d like to say that this band has a bright future ahead. If someone told me that this is an underground band I wouldn’t believe them actually; Esotherisst is so professional and talented, there will be place for them In the near future. Great Job!

The members of the band are:

Wojciech ” Flumen” Kostrzewa – Synth & Samples
PawełPasek – Lead Guitar
Adrian Wilkoński – Rhythm Guitar
Andrew – Bass
Adam “Zwierzak “Zwierzyński – Drums
Krzysztof Bigaj – Vocals

Edited by: Natsky Ds