There is something about downbeat, downer metal that is alluring…

…add in some gothic and orchestral elements and you reach new highs.

This kind of music and songs, when done right, acts like a portal to another world.

…that’s what happened with Jacobs Fall’s latest single “Escape the Gravity”.

The good people of Jacobs Fall decided to do a full band version of this song and go with a more post rock heavy direction.

So, why don’t we get to know the people from Jacobs Fall? Let’s.

  1. Faust, Vocals and Guitar (Ex-My Insanity)
  2. Pietzonka on Guitar and Vocals
  3. Pabst on Bass
  4. Jauernik on Drums

The good people of Jacobs Fall have been doing quite a name and reputation for themselves.

Playing live shows, releasing music and creating a unique style and voice of their own.

That’s a big achievement in its own rights.

So why don’t we jump into the world that Jacobs Fall created…get sucked into the music and experience their art?

C’mon then…

“Escape The Gravity” starts out with some sound design elements engulfing a solo piano…

…and without any warning, you’re hit in the face with a heavy riff and big drums!

Once the heavy riff ends…you’re taken on a little journey, with the vocals leading the way…the vocals are soothing and telling a story…and that story takes us to the heavy riff part once again, acting as an instrumental and melodic chorus…I love that structure….

The tracks take off and soar when the vocals start singing during the heavy parts…it takes flight.

…little by little the song takes us in and plays things softer…till we reach a point where it seems like everything almost stops…then we’re sucked back into the heavy-world, with huge sounding riffs.

The ending of the song, like the beginning, takes us through a surreal world, this time, the sound design elements are taking us through this world…a very fit surreal ending to this whole journey.

Jacobs Fall has their own unique sound, which is something of a rarity.

We wish you all the luck in the world…and a bit more.