Solo musician John Carcer, based in the UK, offers a distinctive shoegaze horror experience with his work titled “erotica.” Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing creation.

In under 4 minutes, John Carcer skillfully led me on a captivating journey through his voice intertwined with music, offering a unique experience that I haven’t encountered recently. The song delves into the concept of seeking attention, drawing from personal encounters. To highlight this theme, a corresponding video was produced, depicting the artist gradually sinking in a water-filled sphere, mirroring the song’s lyrics. “The premise of the song is about dying for attention, It’s morbid but it’s something that happens every day and I wanna spread awareness as the same unfortunate fate happened to my best friend.” – John Carcer.

I adored the screamo sections and how the guitar melody intertwined with the drums to create such captivating vibes, especially as the music video brought this concept to life flawlessly. Upon reviewing his press information, I was truly impressed to learn that the recording was done in a single take, showcasing his exceptional musical skills. I am convinced that John Carcer is a standout in this genre and will soon become an iconic figure in it as well.