Initially, the names of the members give you a strong impression of the music you will listen to. Sayed Ragai and Bahaa El Dahaby are two Egyptian Death Metal icons. Ragai who started the wave of Melodic Death Metal in Egypt dressed in Doom Metal tendencies through Sinprophecy is one of the few artists who follow a certain musical ideology in Egypt. Deep lyrics address the darkened side of humanity and reflects the heaviness of the sin.


The music is as expected energetic and headbang, you can notice this in the music video. Dynamic tunes painted in colors of self-hatred, blame, sophistication and misery. The track theme awakens a mood of wondering about God and Man, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. Honestly, the band members succeeded in combining their previous experiences such as Sinprophecy, Segadoras, Mascara, Medjai (Enraged), and Veritatem Solam and came up with a new fresh musical mood which the local scene indeed needs.



Written by: Rana Atef 

Edited by: Amged Mahmoud



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