Erase is a Greek Heavy Metal band formed in 2009 in Athens, Greece. The band has released a demo album titled Heavy Metal Maniacs in 2011 and a self-titled album Erase in 2014.

The band members are:

• George ”Inner Voice” Stavropoulos (Vocals)
• NektariosMarkantonis (Guitars)
• LefterisKontos (Guitars)
• Panagiotis Zouvelos (Bass)
• Kostas Christodoulou (Drums)

Erase is influenced by Bitch – the 80s Heavy Metal Band. As you can see in the album art there is a pin in the black leather jacket written Bitch -referring to the band- on it.

As they are influenced by Bitch, they covered a track titled ‘Damnation Alley’ which was a track in Bitch’s Damnation Alley album which was released in 1982. Erase covered that track and put it in this album but to be frank I liked the original version more.

Also Bitch’s album Damnation Alley consisted of 5 tracks, which is the same number of tracks that Erase has in their album, I can see an intensive influence by the band.

The album is kind of revolutionary or rebellious;3 tracks if not 4 out of 5 are of extremerebel, it reminded me of the magnificent Rage Against The Machine’s tracks that it might pump the power in your veins to go and steal freedom. As the band said “Still Fighting Underground For Revolution, Accomplished and Determined. The Sun Is Brighter For Those Who Believe…”

Let’s talk about the music thing in here, the music is kind of similar or relative, there is consistency specially in guitars riffs, same tune in guitars but other instruments might take your attention away from that matter like drums or bass that were so perfect that makes you unable to notice the guitar.
Guitars solos are beautiful and powerful. Also are the breakdowns are well played.

The lyrics were quite weak compared with the subject or music; it wasn’t as strong or as powerful as they were. The band needs to level its lyrics up to match the music and subject.

Concerning the vocals; I liked George ‘‘Inner Voice” Stavropoulos’s vocals very much but sometimes when he went on high notes it just didn’t sound right… in low notes it was perfect but in high notes it wasn’t as perfect as what it was in low notes .

This album is strong and gives you power to rebel, I recommend it if you’d like to feel the rage.
And If I’d rate this album I’d say 6 out of 10 due to the small number of tracks and lyrics-wise.

Edited by: Nehal A.Ali