Side Chain, a hard rock band from the US, has just launched “Equipoise Delirium” following a 5-year break. Let’s delve into the details.

In 2015, the band was founded by Dustin Miller (guitarist) and Stephen Shatzer (drummer and producer). Subsequently, John Kyzer (bassist), James Pennington (vocalist), and Nathan Cameron (guitarist) joined the group. Their debut album, “Alchemy,” was released, followed by heavier tracks like “Roll the Dice” and “Subterfuge.” Unfortunately, their longtime friend, John Kyzer, passed away. In 2018, with the help of their friend Mike Helmbeck, they completed a track dedicated to John and released it.

I wanted to highlight a part of their press information because these individuals have truly experienced a challenging journey. This journey has influenced their latest venture, the New Side Chain, and in 2019 they dropped their widely praised track “Anomaly,” loved by critics and fans alike. Following this, they took a break and have recently returned with “Equipoise Delirium.”

I believe that artists draw inspiration from realistic and sometimes challenging experiences, which serve as their main driving force in songwriting and composition. This unique approach sets Side Chain apart from other bands, creating a distinctive musical journey. “Equipoise Delirium” is a well-crafted, impeccably mixed, and expertly arranged track, showcasing their exceptional musical talents. The music is precise, and their harmonies are truly impressive. The fusion of alternative, rock, and metal elements gives the track a distinctive and authentic flavor that sets them apart. It’s great to have you back! I am eagerly looking forward to hearing your upcoming releases. Cheers!