Coggins, Villaci, Thurlow, Minini

The American four-piece Punk rockers Wolfshirt dropped their debut self-titled EP on the 1st of December, 2021 and it’s a piece of art for any heavy music lover like myself, let me tell you why.

The EP opens with the luring distorted intro of “Wake” that has a SOLID bassline and mysterious arpeggios that’ll drag you in and give you a taste of Wolfshirt’s sound, before turning into a heavy melodic verse with powerful flowing vocals that reminded me of a less aggressive version of Conan’s Jon Davis mixed with Elder’s Nick DiSalvo and some extremely interesting drums. I loved how heavy and melodic the riffs were and how they went in with full force boosting the energy towards the end. While carefully controlling their dynamics, Wolfshirt takes a more emotional direction on “Dive”. The riffs are still dense and keep getting heavier with more fluid dark melodies, more intense vocals at some parts, and an enjoyable dynamic structure that keeps you hooked till the end. “Slice” opens with a sludgy melodic riff that explodes into an all-over-the-place groovy heavy headbanger verse with another incredible drumline and fat bass. It has a more open sound with a well-crafted enjoyable structure and more diverse vocals and guitar melodies than the rest of the album.

Saving the best for last, “Movements” is where they fully unleash their writing skills. Sorrow-filled guitar melodies with unpredictable jazzy drumming and melancholic bass while maintaining their thick heavy sound and even going faster than previous songs. An angry tune that closed this EP on a high note and made me wish it was a full length!

I can’t believe this is Wolfshirt’s debut EP, it has lots of character and really good songwriting with a clear vision and sense of identity and style. I enjoyed this A LOT and will be blasting it for quite some time till they drop their next release. Looking forward to more guys, cheers!


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