Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Keith Walsh is back once again with his brainchild Brick Bosso. Skillfully mixing sounds, moods, and melodies, Brick Bosso dropped his new EP “Without You” that you can grab easily on Bandcamp. It’s a lovely chill experience that I’m going to tell you more about right now. 

Brick Bosso opens “Without You” with an open sound on the title track. “Without You” floods with smooth catchy melodies, and a cool easygoing build-up. As the song is based on Keith Walsh’s mother passing away (R.I.P), his warm expressive vocals in such a personal matter added loads of emotions and authenticity to the lyrics. “The Tireless American Rose” has a jazzy twist with a tint of classical pop, and swaying groove. The piano work on this one is really amazing, I loved how it subtly controlled the song’s dynamics, taking us through upbeat sections into deeply emotional ones with a smooth flow. Things get tuned down a little bit on “Bad Name”, it has a mellow ballad mood with a beautiful conversation between the piano and bluesy guitar. It gets a little twist with the upbeat chorus, keeping its overall pace and mood intact. “That’s All” closes the EP with some playful melodies and loads of cool piano skills! It has some Syd Barret psychedelic moments that I truly love, mixed with its colorful vibes.

Brick Bosso’s “Without You” is a dynamically balanced EP. It has an overall smooth flow with interesting mood shifts, and entertaining structures. Brick Bosso managed to create a simple catchy mix of sounds in perfect harmony, with a great sense of melody and groove. I’m curious to see where he’ll go from there, will be looking forward to more as always, keep on rocking Keith, cheers!

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