Rock has been reshaped and reformed into different genres, genres contain sub-genres and sub-genres conceive micro-genres, music is made to be played and listened to and never music was a kind of art that you could apply some rules upon. 

Not a genre that has much popularity amongst listeners, nor does it enjoy an enormous loyal fandom, unlike progressive Rock or Grunge for instance. But Shoegaze is a rock genre that has been there since the 1980s and it beholds the name “shoegaze” because guitarists use their effects pedals and also do vocals.

The Loud Bangs” are the ones who provoked our interest in their Shoegazing with their 8th release, their EP titled “Why Things Fray” conceiving five tracks full of experimental, psychedelic shoegazed tunes.

From L.A. California the American Shoegaze band “The Loud Bangs” released “Why Things Fray” the EP that flies you around with its multi-layering and dresses you in multiple experiences this goes back to the multi-effects each track beholds and the multiple vocal effects and vibes the band members give the audience.

Why Things Fray” begins with an “Analog Test” which sounds like a test of instruments altogether until they are all aligned in a cosmic wave into your ears. Followed by “The Penelope Cannon” which sounds a bit sharper than the previous track given the notes played by “Alice Street” and “Daisy Gutierrez”. Then “Circus Mirror” begins to play with a hefty bass intro played by “Hannah Remley”.

Music keeps coming as “Unpleasantly Tense” which seems softer than the previous ones, as the acoustic guitar is the showman of this track. And this one seems special as it plays as a theme track to one of those nature-enthusiastic movies while painting a scene on a suburban road inside a car while it’s softly raining.

The last track on the EP is “Ex Dolls” which begins with the drumming of “Marcus Nemuro” followed by some keys that keep on playing throughout the track until it reaches an outro to mark the end road for a great Shoegaze rocking record “Why Things Fray” with a peaceful sentence said by the vocals “Good Night”.