First of all, how cool is the name King Kaos

The four metalheads Kon (vocals), Erik (guitar), Michael (bass), and Anton (drums) formed the LA-based extreme band King Kaos in 2018 and on the 1st of July 2022, they unleashed their heavy riffs upon the masses with their debut EP “Wasteland”.

King Kaos starts “Black Sails” with a slow atmospheric build-up before blasting some fast raw riffs and wailing guitars that sent me off my seat headbanging. With classic attacking riffs, killer solos, and raw growls, King Kaos has set the tone for their EP “Wasteland” from the very beginning. “Buried Alive” has a more melodic sound with a dark groove that maintained the evilness and heaviness with a super dynamic flow. Finding a cover of Sepulltura’s “Nomad” was a pleasant surprise for me and King Kaos’ raw production and vocals gave it a cool flip. “Sin” had a different sound with more open melodies, lots of harmonics, and a super catchy chorus. The interlude around the 2:10 mins mark created a lot of anticipation and build-up to a rocking solo and brutal outro. Ending the EP with the MASSIVE HEADBANGER “Wasteland”. Opening with pounding drums and attacking riffs with wailing guitars at the back then going in with full force with machinegun blast beats, groovy raw riffs, and an insane solo opening the gates of hell and ending the EP on a high note.

“Wasteland” is a 23-minute non-stop headbanger and that’s what every metalhead wants!!

It is raw and heavy as hell with lots of grooves, melodies, killer solos, and brutality mixing a number of elements from different sub-genres while sticking to none, keeping their sound fresh and TRUE METAL!

Looking forward to more from King Kaos, and waiting for a full length, cheers!