Kjetil Tofte

Today I’ll be reviewing Electric High’s EP, “Walls Fall Down.” It was released in late May. It was recorded in Bergen, Norway and mixed by Daniel Birkeland. The EP includes “Walls Fall Down,” “Rough Diamond,” “Have I Ever Let You Down?,” “Fire!,” and “Populate The Moon.”

This electrifying album gives off the same energy and vibes as Aerosmith, with its dazzling guitars and the strong vocals of their two lead singers, PV Staff and Olav Iversen. Double trouble, may I say? Other than their previous releases like “Go easy on our hearts,” they did not go easy on us in “Walls fall down.” The catchy tunes and the open drums are hard to get out of your head after listening to this EP.

My favorite track from the EP is “Have I ever let you down?” And they sure did not! This absolute banger, with the kicking bass, and the passionate and persistent vocals of Staff and Iversen, is definitely at the top of my charts. Another favorite of mine is the first on the EP! “Walls fall down” radiates strong energy with the guitars in the beginning of the song and the marching beat of the drums, it easily pleases everyone’s ears, and makes me feel like I woke up in the 70’s. One of the songs I did not necessarily like was “Fire!,” I felt the vocals were very muffled compared to the guitars. I just wish the vocals were clearer, but the guitars were rocking nonetheless!

In conclusion, this album really outdid their previous releases. They’re making the 70’s cool again, and despite being in their forties, they’re more banging and energetic than some of the youth in the scene! 22 minutes of sweet, rocking sounds. 


Edited by: Viola Karmy


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