A brand new, fresh Floridian find, full of Florida sunshine, an unmistakably bright and historical genre, packed full of soul, joy, passion, and panache. 

Bargain Bin Heroes is a five-piece outfit hailing from Fort Myers, Florida, they describe their sound as ska punk, which is refreshing! Ska is a bit of a forgotten style of music that’s iconic and admired. Defined by its bright, sun-filled atmospheres, ska started taking from the Caribbean Calypso music of the 1950s, in Jamaica, and kept getting bigger until it reached a worldwide audience by the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Waiting For So Long is a bright and peppy record of predominantly ska music, with a fair share of influences that the band display proudly, I specifically heard traces of Jimmy Page’s loose hands and seemingly mystical and intricate riffs, and Josh Homme’s meaty guitar tones. Amanda’s Saxophone and Aaron’s trumpet leave a clear and present mark that takes the music somewhere completely novel and uncommon, making this listen as much of a musical expedition as it is a fun, easy, short trip through 6 breezy songs. 

Getaway is a delightful starter with some of the sweeter melodies on the whole release, with energizing group vocals and the horn section laying down some killer, memorable riffs. Dreams display a pretty capable songwriting ability, with layered, syncopated riffs, rich with dynamics and a soulful flair from the entire group. The characterful Full Circle starts with a flurry of memorable parts. A gorgeous, playful vocal melody on top of outstanding, bright, prominent bass, followed by an iconic-sounding riff that would sit right at home on the top of the radio’s top hits of the 60s. Shark’s guitar intro is abrasive and extremely cool, and it is where the Jimmy Page vibes really peaked, with a riff that would belong quite effortlessly as a b-side of Zeppelin’s iconic and varied record, Houses Of The Holy.

By all means, Waiting For So Long is a listen shock full of charisma and personality. The band sounds at full form, giving us a modest selection of songs written and arranged to an extremely high standard, produced with intimate attention to detail, for a nuanced and organic sound, and performed with exhilarating passion that quite easily come across, hitting us all with a wave of joy that you’d definitely want to ride.