Betty Cutie

Roxx Revolt & The Velvets recently dropped their 2nd and latest 3-track EP that is all about the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and it takes us back to the classic and original sound of rock music’s core. The Florida-based band has established itself in the industry since the day it started in 2021, they just got off a month-long tour on the East Coast and have an incredible number of streams in such a short time. In such a short time after their release, “Get High” has reached 118K streams on Spotify only, “Run for Cover” has reached over 36K, and last “Carolina” with over 37K streams. The band has an overall number of 26K monthly listeners on Spotify. It’s no surprise given the band members’ backgrounds and experience with music; starting with Roxx Revolt who has been singing since the age of 6, playing the piano after, and writing her music that by the age of 14 she was already in her first band. After moving to the USA, she started meeting her bandmates one after the other till RR&TV was formed. Dan ‘The Destroyer’ Heath is the bassist who started playing at the young age of 15. The third member of the band is Chris Campo on drums who also started at a remarkably young age. Last, Jake Shockley on guitar started playing at the age of 10 and that’s when he fell in love with punk and garage rock. They all are influenced by different bands and different subgenres of rock which adds more flavor and authenticity to the band’s style.

The album “Uno” is a mix of eclectic sounds and original takes with a nostalgic essence that takes us back to the origin of rock music while embracing modernity, resulting in a sound so fresh. Each one of these tracks has an interesting story and meaning behind it. “Run for Cover” is an ongoing battle between the abuser and their victim where the victim will win over and face the injustice which is all interrupted musically through guitar strums and a powerful drumline and heavy bass. Followed by “Get High” which is inspired by the 70s sound effects mixed with some piano and guitar tunes and it encourages the listeners to relax, chill and enjoy life to its fullest. And the last song in the EP “Carolina” Is an upbeat, powerful song with an edgy vibe and heavy melodies that shows the wild side of the rock ‘n’ roll life. Check out the band’s website for more information on their interesting backgrounds and their edgy and authentic music.