The Swedish metal band VLT has a talent for getting you to unknowingly headbang! They excel in this skill. Their most recent EP ‘…To Mourn The Death Of A Stranger’ is a strong contender for one of the best death metal releases of 2024.

The guitar riffs of this 6-track EP will easily make you hunger for more and keep banging with no control. First let me tell you this to know more about VILT, last year they were invited by In Flames Anders Fridén to join them on stage at the “Dalhalla Brinner” Festival. And now they are signed with one of the prestigious European record labels, Gain Records | Sony Music. 

The vocals, guitars, bass, and drums in VILT’s EP are all distinctive and iconic. The arrangement is captivating, and the mixing is expertly done to consistently captivate your attention. The EP delves into themes of self-acceptance, grief, and individuality through a blend of classic and contemporary songs, marking the start of VILT’s musical odyssey. The band masterfully combines raw emotion with intricate musical skill, creating a moving listening experience. Each note and lyric appears meticulously crafted to inspire introspection and connection. VILT’s exploration of intricate emotions through their music is both courageous and refreshing, providing listeners with a sense of solace and empathy. This EP not only signifies a significant achievement in their journey but also hints at more emotive and thought-provoking music to follow. As fans dive into this compilation, they are encouraged to contemplate their own paths, discovering solace and resilience in VILT’s compelling narratives.

Typically, I prefer not to dissect each track individually, as I believe in letting the listener fully immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience. Listening to VILT music felt like traveling back in time, almost two decades ago. Thank you guys for that! So, take a listen and let me know, could this potentially become a revival for the extreme metal styles once again?