We all go through some hard times in our lives, but not all of us have the nerve to share our experiences. It’s not a bad thing to decide to keep it to yourself, but it’s an amazing deed to share and let others feel that there’s someone out there who understands what they’ve gone through, making them feel less lonely. NOVAK’s EP, “Tired of Trying,” is quite a companion through dark times, a spirited patting to get you bouncing on your feet.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the artist NOVAK, who has been playing music for years but took a hiatus until his friend and music partner, Tony, reached out and they began their collaborative journey again. The three-track EP, “Tired of Trying,” is the product of their work together as NOVAK on vocals and guitar, and Tony on drums. They’ve got a charismatic spark and a connection that made the EP’s compulsive sound.

The three tracks are a bumpy ride of some of the worst human traumas, like losing your own identity, losing your soulmate, losing yourself and your connection to depression. All these are hard to handle struggles, but NOVAK makes them easy to embrace with the fusion of Rock, Pop, Punk, and Garage that knocks the melancholic feel down and spreads a lusty atmosphere. And the magic has been made in a small studio in North Hollywood with Aaron of OFFCENTER Records.

The EP strikes its attack with “Tired of Trying.” Its lyrics deliver emotional suffering that can be highly relevant to many people. As we try to make people feel better, we sometimes have the urge to please them, which ends with us fading and losing ourselves in the process. It processes the gloomy facts in a surfy ambiance that feels like a cold breeze in a Hawaiian vibe. Combining Pop, Rock, and Punk to create a soothing melody with upbeat drumming was an effective way to deliver intense sensations with ease.

Moving to a heavier sound with “Alaska Sucks,” It’s the kind of song that makes you move to its Rock/Punk/Garage hybrid sound and nod your head hard with the hitting drums and salty riffs. However, despite the energetic atmosphere, you’ll be touched by the expressive lyrics depicting the way of handling losing a partner and what it feels like. The vocals have a sorrowful tone that makes you feel the ache that lies within the story.

“Can’t Comprehend,” a headbanger and soul-crashing yet comforting song, closes the EP. I find this one is the one that creates an urge to learn all the lyrics to sing along and scream depression out while imitating the catchy hooks in the air. It’s a well-written song that nails the capture of how it feels to struggle with your mental health and not be able to deal with people out there anymore. A solid ending indeed! This is my favorite one. It has vulnerable emotions and thoughts; a spicy bass line with rocking-hard drumming; and on-fire vocals that work together as an energy booster.

The EP below is a mix between an enjoyable dynamic sound and some emotional processing that deserves to be added to your hyping alone time.