Ben Aldis

“The Wheel Is Spinning but the Hamster Is Dead” is the Rock band, Noon Layer Drive’s latest EP. It feels the same as its title yet sounds completely opposite. As it has an Alt-Rock and Grunge blend with a 90’s Rock influence.

Noon Layer Drive features Garry Murphy (on vocals), Simon Keats (on guitar), Matt Nasir (on bass), and Ben Hallett (on drums). This quartet has an authentic sound that keeps you on your toes and a clear chemistry that makes you enjoy their performance. Their latest EP, “The Wheel Is Spinning but the Hamster Is Dead,” is an 18-minute of adrenaline rush. The five singles are magnificent, with pure energy.

“The purpose of the release was to cover an era of the band in its early stage that was perhaps its most prolific in terms of players and musicianship.” ― Noon Layer Drive

The album kicks off with full energy in “Never Gonna Learn.” It’s highly dynamic with its impressive drumbeats, superb guitar riffs, and groovy bass line. The raw vocals are electrifying and hard rocking’. The melody is catchy and lusty. It’s the ideal start to hook you.

Moving on to “Our Basic Ways.” It’s mellow in comparison to the other singles, but the chorus has those thrilling, feisty vibes. Its arrangement best conveys the complicated relationships. The vocals here are both delicate and powerful, lending to the song’s richness.

There is an edgy atmosphere in “Walking the Glass Mile.” It has an energetic, fast-paced intro that gets your blood pumping. The storytelling immediately captures your attention. All the instrumentation feels like singing along with the vocals in a tense ambiance. By the end of the song, you’ll probably end up mumbling: “Talkin’ to myself, callin’ something else.”

“Family Adams” and “From the Waist Down” were recorded live in the same room with amps and drums to capture a better feel, and that certainly happened. I truly digged the previous singles’ performances. Hearing it live, on the other hand, is a completely unique experience. Everything is on fire. Each element complements the other, and the band’s chemistry is clearly notable.

This band has a lot to offer and if you’re a solid Rock fan, you’re doing yourself a favor by listening to the EP below and digging into Noon Layer Drive music.