Alien Machine is a solo project that was created in 2013, and 7 years later in 2020, he released his first official song, and Noah aka Alien Machine comes back to us two years later with the release of A new EP “the sea complains.” As a solo artist, he did it all by himself.

“the sea complains” centrally talks about mental health struggles across five 14-minute, 42-second tracks, to contrast heavy tones of electric guitar that create a thick ambiance of HARD ROCK and MATH ROCK music punctuated by clear drumbeats that draw the rhythm.

The song “Math” is the first released from this EP. The track instantly explodes in your face, completely engulfs you in its electric waves, and the lyric forces you to release all your anger and aggression. It is highly stressed and distorted and this short song is a powerful introduction to what’s next.

The smooth and soft performance of “Why” contrasts with that of the “Math” track. Quiet screams mixed with subtle drums and endless guitar will leave you numb. To get the feeling that the Alien Machine is not for the weak but rather like The Pixies with their suicidal tendencies.

If you need to hit your head against a wall, set yourself on fire, or jump off a bridge, “Coward” and “Aquaburst” are the songs for that, as they are the most aggressive on the EP, and Noah seems to find his voice in them on the melody. the crazy.

“Sputnik Heart” is the longest track on the EP, and it has an emo feel that is very similar to early 2000s punk songs.

“the sea complains” EP is very special and kind of addictive, and the music made by the Alien Machine is worth listening to because it doesn’t stick to musical jargon but is free to get into your mind.