Jonathan Cundy

Artist Rob Lea based in Blackpool, UK, released a rocking and highly dynamic EP called ‘ Stop what you’re doing’, that will keep you on your feet and ready for a rebellious and unapologetic attitude. Dropped on the 3rd of March, this EP is an Indie pop collection of highly dynamic and ever-changing sound of music that are all grouped into one, identifiable persona and vibe, belonging to Rob. This is his debut EP, with a very high quality of production which is a promising start for his surely upcoming stardom with his original music. As the frontman of the strongest Queen tribute band, success is no stranger to Rob. His tributary band Majesty has played in many shows in the UK, and international festivals and theaters. 

The EP is 5 songs that are all unmatched in energy and storytelling. Rob’s goal was to make everybody feel that they are not alone through the sharing of the ups and downs of life and the many faces of existence. It’s a fabulous collection of emotions and life experiences that go through a wide range of the human emotional spectrum. You will feel like you’re going through the journey of a character that is very relatable and imaginable. 

The overall sound of the album is upbeat, rebellious and charming in a sense because of Rob’s charisma and strong voice. The general moods you will go through are happy, unapologetic, and open. The presence of Rob’s free spirit is just contagious, it will make you want to conquer all your fears. What we love about this album in particular is how smoothly the artist can transition between different sounds and genres within what is considered pop rock to a large extent,  to convey the many emotions he wants to express. You’ve got the rock in slow and medium paces, with a wide range of intensity rates. The musical arrangement in the album is fantastic and well-produced. You’ve got whooshy and electric sound effects mixed in with the instruments, magical sound effects and clapping. You’ve got hardcore harsh and rebellious electric guitar riffs, very prominent cymbals, sometimes soft or hard drum sets, challenging saxophone sound effects, occasional soft piano, and backing violin sounds for a more vulnerable and open song. The vocals of Rob are beautiful, clear, high-spirited, and strong. There is always a fun tone to every song and instrument in his music. Great things are excepted from Rob in the future.