Hangtime released their new EP, “SPWN-KILL<3”. It consists of 2 tracks, the first track is “spwn-kill” and the second is “Reload yr heart”. Hangtime is a dark-wave artist from Socorro, United States, though I cannot pin them to one specific genre as they seem to experiment with a lot of different genres which makes them have such a unique sound.

The first track (also the shortest) really impressed me. It was just 4:44 minutes of electronic goodness, and I could definitely see myself dancing to this in a dark nightclub in Berlin! The second track definitely was a trip! A Ballad of sorts, it was an immersive experience and you definitely get in touch with all your senses. It was the longest track and also the most impressive to me, just an 8 minutes journey.

All in all, I hail Hangtime for being so outside the box. Their EP is unique and no one is doing it like them. They have such a unique blend of genres, which makes them have their own distinct sound!