The opening track, “METAMORPHOSIS,” and the one that follows it, “What Do You Think Our Ghosts Make Of Us?” They are such a gloomy start, yet relatable. They’re both about self-spite. When you’re looking in the mirror and hating what you see, you’re thinking low of yourself, like you’re such a loser compared to everyone around you. “METAMORPHOSIS” has sorrowful, delicate vocals, indie pop tunes, a great agony instrumental part in the middle, and it all speeds up in the end, like an organised storyline that gives you hope in the end with the line “so if you were really my friend, you’d know I’ll get there in the end.” “What Do You Think Our Ghosts Make Of Us?” features “Femmebug”. Having two vocals gives the song a more conversational feel. The melodies aren’t as melancholy as the opening tune; instead, they have dazzling guitar notes and pleasant basslines that wonderfully complement the vocals. The chorus is incredibly catchy and makes you want to sing along with “when can I finally see your face?” Both were released early this year, and the second single has a great music video that visually depicts the song.

There’s a shift in the air, from hate and pain to love! “All I Think About Is You” is a touching single that feels like an embrace on a blue, chilly day. Just when you’re relating to your darkest phase of your life with the past two singles, you’ll enchantedly smile and swing with this one with its early 2000s indie pop tunes and soft guitar and drums comfort melodies. The vocals, music, lyrics, and music video are like a moment of the day when you get home after a long cold day, covered with ice, but you take a hot bath, wear warm clothes, and sit on your comfy chair in front of the fireplace with your hand around the one you love. “All I Think About Is You” was the last sneak peek into Sketchface’s upcoming ep. 

It starts as a cozy, upbeat ukulele, yet it’s not a happy single! “BATHTUB” It’s about broken trust, betrayal, and the struggle to move on. “I can’t keep living like this, but I won’t stop living like this.” That line in the lyrics captures the fight most of us have had in our minds at least once, when we’re not in control with the situation, but don’t have enough strength to pull ourselves out of it. Alternative rock was the most suitable for this one to make the noisy, fuzzy tunes match the chaos and struggle in mind. The smooth ukulele closing felt like a whiff of peace and saying goodbye along with the last line “Don’t think you will be someone that I’d miss.”

“I don’t wanna see you go. I dread to think which of us will go.” I don’t know whether I should tell anyone with anxiety not to listen to this song as it will provoke their thoughts, or totally recommend it to feel like they’re not alone. From the intro to the outro, everything in “DREAD TO THINK” is aching. I like the inconsistency between the upbeat melodies in the chorus and the anxious lyrics; it shows the variety of possibilities that “sketchface” may express their message.

It’s comforting to know that the soul who has fought so much along the way will eventually bloom! The title track, “SOULBLOOM,” challenges whatever causes this pitied soul’s pain and decides to exist despite of spite, hate, and barriers. To grow strongly without relying on someone else. To stand out with such emotional, powerful lyrics, the single needed strong tunes to match, which is exactly what happened with the alternative rock tunes, which break out and explode with magnificent guitar and drums playing, showing us how a soul can bloom. With the seventh and final single, “WILT AWAY,” the EP comes to a bittersweet climax. The warm voice and acoustic guitar chords create a comforting atmosphere, as though it’s time for the blue to turn into red.

I hope you’re prepared for the raging torrent of emotions. You have till January 14 to prepare to listen to “SOULBLOOM” and bloom with it. You can listen to the EP’s first three released singles until then. 


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Viola Karmy