Ever watched a Hollywood drama movie from the early 2000s and heard a soul-watering soundtrack that made you run off to look it up on YouTube to add it to your list, well that is how it sounded when i first played Gordon Holland‘s EP “Skipping Stones On A Salt Lake”. 

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia the Alt-Folk artist Gordon Holland releases his multi-genre EP that consists of four tracks that bring that reminiscent nostalgic theme into your head at first listen.

“Skipping Stones On A Salt Lake” consists of four tracks, on top of the list is “Palm Tree Wallpaper” beginning with a soulful acoustic guitar mashed with Xylophone to make it sound more like a childhood/parenthood theme, given the storyline behind the track.

Followed by a classic folk course of a track that sounds much like Johnny Cash’s musical patterns titled “Half A Tank” It tells a story of a guy traveling through a country road and his tank is half empty, and I don’t know why I only see Jeff Bridges driving that vehicle in that country road.

The third track “Midnight At Karaoke Bar” and this one sound different, all soft rock, and by now you could tell the mashup between genres that kicks you throughout every track’s genre and spins you around for its duration, and takes you off to the next track and its independent genre. Sweet guitar strumming and soft melodies in the background along with the bass lines that fly you to the Karaoke bar in a mesmerizing manner.

The fourth and final track, which has become a new favorite of mine “Departure Lounge Blues” and it’s not only genuine in music but in concept, it raises some curiosity around the travelers in an airport through the pov of a departure lounge clerk. Every passenger has their own story and destination, the music is so satisfying that you could almost see the terminal and the numerous suitcases racing around to catch a flight. If I haven’t seen “The Terminal” I’d have said this track is the main theme track for it.

Between Alt-Folk, Power-Pop, Soft Rock, and Acoustic Gordon Holland’s EP “Skipping Stones On A Salt Lake” is a nostalgic, soulful experience that carries your brain around in trips across the four mixture of genres and their vibes. 

Listen to the EP “Skipping Stones On A Salt Lake” and tell us what you think.