Certainly, the world has been in a dark place during the pandemic’s lockdown, but sometimes tragedy can give rise to creativity. The lockout led to the formation of the Ruby Tears band, who have recently released their sixth EP, “Shifting Sand.”

The Ruby Tears is an Indie Rock band that consists of John Goodfellow on vocals and guitar and Jeff Skellon on guitar, who met each other online at the beginning of Lockdown 2020 and became friends and musical partners. Then, they were joined by Mark Robson on drums and Jimmy Sangster on bass guitar, who are Jeff’s friends. This quartet has been rocking since then and is producing top-notch music.

Once you listen to their music, you’ll taste the good old musical rock eras of the 60’s and all the way to the 90’s with their special touch to make it innovative. Their latest EP, “Shifting Sand,” gives away their proficiency, musicianship, and natural chemistry. The three-track EP has multiple vibes and themes that will get to every dark, passionate, disappointed, dreamy, and realistic piece of you.

They’re certainly not settling for less than a fiery start with the first head-hunting track, “Small Town Valentine.” It kicks off with a full-power instrumental intro with electrifying riffs and a steady drumline. A clean vocal delivery narrates the thrill and incomplete love story in the lyrics. It’s written musically and lyrically in a memory-provoking way that makes you feel nostalgic. It portrays a scene in your head that is colored with swaying rhythms that get your body and emotions moving.

Moving to “Broken Toy”, with its melancholically warm and vintage ambiance, as all of the elements are built around a poignant and tragic attitude. The vocals feel like they’re a raspy whisper in the dark that’s delivering an explicit letter as loud as it can. The bluey riffs, along with the determined drumming, offer a sense of self-pity covered with pride. The solo part is hypnotic and carries both darkness and brightness in its melodic layers. This track is the dismal one out of the three, but its delicate cadences make the heartbreak have a joyful aura.

The EP closes off with the smashing energy of “Smash.” It brings together both dynamic and soothing spirits, presenting both crashing reality and the hopeful imagination. There’s an optimistic theme that gives the same energy as a phoenix rising from the ashes. The melody is bright, and the harmonies flow naturally, giving a tender, cozy effect. With a playful tone, the vocals offer the best way to deal with reality, and the light-hearted instruments overlay the atmosphere with its rock/pop sonic bliss hybrid to declare its approval.

After ten minutes of a musical rhapsody and swinging emotional and sonic moods, you’ll be left with a solid conclusion that The Ruby Tears are forging their own shared territory between the past and the present sound with their authentic, high-quality rock music, and with a decision to make this EP part of your day and keep playing it.