Thick, overdriven guitars and driving grooves await on Erik Hansen’s debut EP as a solo artist.

After breaking ventures with his band Fallen Angels, Warmbeach, Washington-based artist Erik Hansen has taken some time to concentrate on his own solo music, and our first taster is the trashy Seasons of the Wind. A 5-song EP that displays all that Hansen knows and loves best, thrashy guitars, fiery solos, epic grooves, and a whole lot of attitude.

Originally a singer and songwriter, Erik Hansen’s rich, rock persona does a good job of hiding the sensitive and peppy inner core to Hansen’s musicality, which shines best on tracks like ‘Horizon’, a soft acoustic ballad, or ‘Forever Dream’, an electrified, classic rock ballad that calls to mind of Whitesnake or early Alice in Chains. There is also an unquestionably talented rocker in Erik Hansen, a character he explores on the introductory one-two of ‘The Road’ and ‘Send Me a Sign’, with their sleazy riffs and thrash beats.

It would be hard to name a favorite of Hansen’s two faces, because the rock-side-of-things delivers such a tasty punch with the thick tones and hammering riffs, while the singer-songwriter side brings, on ‘Horizon’ a softness that’s unmatched on any of the album’s other songs, and on ‘Forever Dream’ brings a unique taste with the lush chorus on the guitars and the sludgy, dramatic riffs. Perhaps ‘Traveler’ is an outlier, which is why it might be my personal favorite on the album. From bone-crushing beats and frenzied tones, this grandiose rocker is the album’s boldest and most concise piece.

Erik Hansen’s Solo debut brings a lot of precious rock moments, wholesome instrumental mixes, a clear direction towards 90s and 80s rock, and a first taste of what this capable performer and songwriter is capable of. A thoroughly enjoyable listen.