If you haven’t heard Love Ghost‘s latest track EP “Scream”, then you’re missing out!

This electrifying EP has been turning heads everywhere, with rave reviews from big names like Rolling Stone, Clash, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Alternative Press, Lyrical Lemonade, Earmilk, Playboy, and Grita Fuerte. 

Love Ghost has been making huge tsunami waves across the globe, recently rocking the stage at the Rockpalast festival in Germany, which was broadcast nationwide.

Love Ghost have collaborated with a star-studded lineup of international artists, including Rico Nasty, Camidoh, Adan Cruz, Teeam Revolver, Geassassin, Mabiland, and Tankurt Manas…and they’re already collaborating with many more iconic artists as we speak.

Their latest EP “Scream” includes 5 earth-shattering tracks…

Starting with the title track, you’ll find yourself in a very fresh musical realm…a fusion of heavy rock and trap, with iconic elements from both worlds…hard beats and shattering guitar riffs.

…after that we find ourselves thrown into an alt-rock world with “Throw Down”…harkening back to the good old days…sharing the same DNA as some of the greatest like Nirvana…this song is super catchy yet carries a lot of darkness in a very weird way…it’s mesmerizing to say the least…

“Rage” on the other hand is one of those songs that you know will haunt you…and that guitar riffs does absolutely that…from the first couple of seconds and you know that this riff will absolutely blow your mind…”Rage” fuses between the heavy guitar riffing aspects of rock and the cyber-electro beats of the future, resulting in an experience you’ll never forget.

…deciding to go for the full rap/trap experience, Love Ghost creates “Daydream”…a very powerful and moving track that has a lot of musicality to its creation while being current and very trendy…

Finishing up this mesmerizing experience, Love Ghost gives the world one bombastic experience that is “Rockstar Lifestyle”…once again going for a mix between the rock and trap…

I personally believe that Love Ghost has managed to create a very unique sonic staple to themselves with this EP…and I think, if they continue to develop this unique sound they have at the moment…they will surely be unstoppable in the very very near future…

But that’s not all! Love Ghost has more in store for us this year, including a highly anticipated album with Marilyn Manson guitarist and producer Tim Skold, commissioned by Metropolis Records. Stay tuned, because Love Ghost is on fire and they’re just getting started!

Make sure to check out the brilliant EP “Scream” by Love Ghost right away, this is not to be missed at all costs.

Wishing the great artists all the best in the world.


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