Chris Ord and Krzysztof Furgała

The flow of the air in a city or a town isn’t nature-generated, but its soulful exhales and inhales fueled by enthusiasm is the wind director in one of the warmest, most passionate cities in the world, Newcastle.

If you’re a football fan you probably have heard of Newcastle through the legendary club Newcastle United, but if you’re not you would be pleased to have heard of Newcastle through its emerging local alternative rock band The Crux.

As brilliant as the Magpies are on the field, The Crux are inspiring on stage and in the studio, releasing their EP “Save Me” which is a humanity letter sent out to the ones with stocked-up wallets telling them that they should end this suffer the world is in.

The Crux are Jake Waldock (lead guitar), Hallam Press (bass), and Elliot Ormston (drums and percussion). 

“Save Me” begins with an electronic key vibing out a challenging post-modern theme, giving reasons for the rich to save us, then the guitars and drums hit to rack us up on the road of hope in a change.

The vocals in the EP are very clear and wonderfully emotive that it connect you to the concept of needing some saving make you join the protest.

“Specialist Jewellery” is the emotional romantic track in the EP as its instrumental, yet it sounds so post-rock though its not. And the guitar riff is very catchy that its almost identical to Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ which also connects you to some of the long lost tracks in the dusty parts of a memory.

As much as I love Newcastle United,  I guess I just heard my favorite band in Newcastle ,and I now know what I might do if I went to Newcastle besides watching the Toon playing, watching The Crux playing will be my thing there too.

I’m impatiently waiting for the upcoming releases by The Crux, HOWAY THE LADS!