As they started working on this EP over the beginning of 2023, the Nashville-based rockers Nick Amling & The Lifeline dropped their latest EP Roll The Dice on the 24th of November 2023. Recorded at the Blackbird Studios, Roll The Dice brings an authentic rock n roll experience with a modern unmistakable touch. Let me tell you more about it.

Nick Amling & The Lifeline opened Roll The Dice with the rocking groovy tune Creatures, cementing their deep roots in the world of rock n roll. It has a powerful flow with an irresistible energetic sound, powered by some wild guitar work, pounding heavy drums, deep bass, and a super catchy vocal melody, all in an extremely dynamic structure that had me totally hooked. Give Me Nothing comes next steering towards a slower, heavier sound, with thick riffs, a big bass-ey wall of sound, and jazzy interesting drumming feeding a slow, hard-hitting pace in a heavy structure with building-up twists and turns that maintained the song’s heaviness without losing its core catchy essence. So Long boosts the EP’s energy once again with fast engaging riffs, engaging in a relentlessly moving structure with subtle dynamic shifts that add lots of weight to the song’s flow with pounding, slow sections that evolve again smoothly into fast, driving riffs in an enjoyable dynamic rollercoaster. The title track builds on its predecessor’s pace and energy, adding a more detailed sound to Nick Amling & The Lifeline‘s mix. Their hooking, blasting sound shines throughout Roll The Dice’s changing structure, pushing forward towards a big, open sound with a groovy flow that’s pretty approachable to a wide range of audiences. Midnight Emotion comes at the end with a twist, showing a different side of Nick Amling & The Lifeline‘s writing as they offer such a deeply emotional piece. The heartfelt opening vocal melody powerfully projects the song’s touching nature, delivering the perfect emotions to the listener as it escalates in a ramp progression into a spacious sound, till it peaks ending the EP on a high note.

Roll The Dice is a solid EP with a hooking dynamic flow, it shows Nick Amling & The Lifeline‘s attention to detail and well-knowledge of their sound and direction as they cleverly mixed their rocking old-school influences with their modern original touch creating something unique and their own. Looking forward to more from Nick Amling & The Lifeline, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!