Winchester 7 & the Runners is formed by three insanely talented members: Winchester 7 (vocals, ukulele), Phil Voorhees (bass), and Jack Kane (drums). In December 17, the three of them released a magnificent EP with a variety of vibes in each single that nevertheless complement each other. Unique rhythms are created by replacing familiar guitar sounds with stunning electric ukulele tunes. The dynamic fabric made with the uplifting instruments, the vocals that shift between soft and energetic, and the brilliant lyrical selections place Catacomb Songs up there with The Moon and Stars.

The band kicks things off with “Dead Celebrities and New Beginnings,” which features warm vocals, optimistic lyrics, and remarkable ukulele rock vibes that only WINCHESTER 7 & THE RUNNERS can pull off. In my opinion, putting that upbeat, dynamic potion in the opening was a brilliant move, as this hit is unbelievably hypnotic.

Adding extra energy in “The Song That You Sing” with the ukulele and alt-rock compositions to have peppy melodies, and the vocals to vary from warm and soft to enthusiastic and bright. With its well-balanced output, this one will undoubtedly continue to resonate.
“Up on the 13th Floor” felt like a Disney fairytale final scene song. There’s a sarcastic tone in the lyrics that spices the single up along with the sturdy bassline, seductive ukulele chords, and captivated vocals.
Slowing down again in “Ever Said” to produce this gentle one, The deep vocals, the smooth, cheerful ukulele, the mellow drums, and the poetic lyrics. 
In “Riding High Again” and “Arcade Days,” they turn it up a notch so we can see the heart and soul of indie rock. It’s all vital! The techno-inspired tunes, the ukulele, drums, and bass, and the cherry on top, the outstanding vocals.

They not only know how to open an EP, but also how to close it perfectly. “Beneath the Moon and the Stars,” the final track on the album, is a stunning blend of strong ukulele riffs, rich drum beats, and vocals that suit the theme. When combined, they create the most satisfying finale with the classic rock atmosphere.

You can’t get enough of it? Here a bonus track to give you one last chance to ponder. One of them is a cover of “Head on” by the Jesus and Mary Chain. With the smoothest melodies and vocals, it’s like the last and best bit of cono ice cream.

Like they said in “Dead Celebrities and New Beginnings”: “They say that life is for the living. Let’s give this another try.” Give this EP a try, and you’ll have a great time living with these wonderful 7 tracks.

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Viola Karmy