Get into your car, light-up your cigarette, and turn on your radio, and listen to the stunning Arden and the Wolves! The Los Angeles-based indie rock/pop group Arden and the Wolves founded by Arden Leigh to practice her art and passion for music. “”Who Can You Trust”” is their EP which released on February 9, 2018.

The five track EP is varied among many styles mainly indie, rock, pop and alternative. The music is the smooth to listen type as you’ll find yourself follow the tunes and the rhymes unconsciously.

They featured a nice cover for one of the Ramones hits’ Poison Heart, as Arden expressed of her choice for the song nicely; ‘Poison Heart echoes the sentiments of those I see everywhere responding to the #MeToo movement with exhaustion, heartache, and despair.’ 

Arden has been supported in collaboration by producers Stacy O’Dell (Killcode, Panzie) and Jeremy Dawson (MXMSShiny  Toy  Guns), and onstage by fellow musicians Nick Mason (drums), Rick Brandt (bass), and Marko Jankovic (guitar). Her work as an intuitive coach can be found at