Have you ever attended a summoning session of the 90’s Rock? Well, you’re about to if you decided to play ‘Not Like The Others You Know’ by Quizboy. 

A revival of the 90’s Rock n Roll that is bravely mixing the 90’s with the 00’s and adding multiple genres into one. 

Hailing from Portland, US the indie solo artist Quizboy releases the EP titled “Not Like The Others You Know” which consists of three tracks which are “Brave A Storm”, “Not Like the Others You Know” and, “Down By the Water (The Decemberists Cover).

The tracks are written wonderfully music-wise and lyrics wise is subjectively expressive, music is also played very well from riffs to solos with much emotions in it, In tracks like “Brave A Storm” everything is put in its place, but vocals need improvement as Quizboy added some brutal vocals that sounded like a Nu Metal genre but the music weren’t escalated as the vocals did, and growls were mostly hoarseness; a thing that might take the artist to do some brutal vocal training.

Drums and guitar tunes are not as heavy as the vocals might be but they maintained the main vibe and the theme of the track which is 90’s rock.

The EP needed to have more tracks, one or two, in order to do a further demonstration of what the listeners would listen to and to gain more information about Quizboy’s music and genre.

If you want to rediscover the 90’s rock, Play the EP and tell us what you think.