Leeds-based musical project extraordinaire Moose Wrench has released their EP “Not Dead Yet” made up of 3 singles they released earlier and 3 brand new monumental songs…let’s see how it fares!

As the band cleverly describes themselves…

Dr. Moose on ranting, keytar, and programming; Mr. Moose on bass and backing vocals, Moose Jr. on drums and pressing play

…then go on to add that they are not moose actually, which is funny and I love it when good musicians really don’t take themselves very seriously, show confidence really.

They were formed in Las Vegas in 2022…but it’s a bit blurry how they ended up in Leeds…

…and they recorded this EP in Greenmount Studios, Leeds.

The EP starts with quite the bang with its first song “Directionless Twat”…which starts out with a melancholic and mysterious piano playing and a narrator talking about pretty dark stuff…then transforms into quite the headbanging experience with unconventional time signatures, catchy guitar riffs, melodic bass lines that syncs with the drums and lock into an amazing rhythmic groove.

The song really is something else, it’s catchy, unconventional, and filled with fresh melodies.

…and that is an excellent introduction and expectation setter for the album, Moose Wrench is all about being unique, and unconventional and that’s just how they are…and one very important thing too…they are all about surprises.

The theme of musical surprises continues all throughout the EP, “Ginnel Dick” also starts somewhere and goes in a completely different direction, further establishing this sense of surprise and awe.

Moose Wrench really knows how to capture the audience, they have a natural uniqueness to their style and musical charisma…they have the ability to create unique riffs, beats and melodies all wrapped together nicely.

“Not Dead Yet” maintains the surprising and unique approach with all 6 songs in it…it’s quite the experience…and a recommended one at that…make sure to check out this very focused and unique EP as soon as possible.

We wish all the best to Moose Wrench…and we’d like to know what happened in Vegas at some point…or as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in…Leeds?